Check Your Empire

Privilege is something that can be objectively observed in the history of Empires.

The ruling group becomes the mirror by which all things are judged. Greece, Rome and the Western Empire all have this in common.

Empires build great monuments to themselves at the expense of it’s citizens and reflects the Narcissism and Power of the ruling group.  Narcissism is self love/self worship and is seen in both empires and religions. It is at the root of both nationalism and theocracy. The divine effigies of these hierarchies are immortalized as the savior gods of humanity, the arbitrators in mans appeal for justice.  Abrahamic religions make man in gods image so like wise the ruling group make the State in its image.

The geocentric theology from religion has been transposed in an anthropocentric reflection of Empire and in the West it is the basis for collective privilege and political power.

The three pillars of an Empire are economics, tribe and the state. Statisim is the economic domination of one privileged group over everyone else. If you want to end oppression then you need to do way with Empire and the violence the State empowers.

Religion sometimes can be layered into Empire and is often times employed as a deflection to justify human rights abuses. Nationalism similarly deflects responsibility for atrocities by appealing to the righteousness of their political  ideology.

Racism acts a kind of protectionism for the ruling group and functions both consciously and unconsciously within that society. It is the anthropocentric reflection of Empire and maintains economic dominance through the creation of State privileges. Sometimes these privileges are used to perpetuate the economic dominance of the ruling tribe and sometimes they are used to manipulate marginalized groups into compliance through privileges designed to secure their loyalty within society by way of quotas and compensation. The objective is not equality of  law for all individuals but rather maintaining control and dependency upon the State.

Anarchism seeks to make a more horizontal society through recognizing that society is composed of top down hierarchy’s and doing away with or minimizing coercive ones.  Anarchism  seeks to allow people to pursue their dreams free from third party coercion. Any hierarchy whether it be the state, religion, corporation, institution, foundation, or organization that violates the NAP/natural law theory and is an aggressor against individual sovereignty is a hierarchy anarchists need to oppose. Not all hierarchies within society are coercive and some like the Masons net work business men among themselves and provide charity.

It is not possible to have equality within law in a society whose Empire dictates the social, political and economic values based upon the perpetuation of the ruling group. Social justice can’t be bestowed upon a people by a benevolent State because privilege is hard wired into society. Rather it can only happen within a free market where the law equally protects its citizens allowing them to voluntarily make their own choice’s within the market place unobstructed  from the State, individuals or groups.

Social Justice from an anarchist perspective is not guaranteed egalitarian outcomes but rather guaranteed equality of justice rooted in principled non aggression and libertarian natural law theory which recognizes private property and individual sovereignty. Only then can justice be neutral and protect society.

Justice can only exist in societies where the custom of seeking justice originates within the community. The law within Western culture is a reflection of the Empire and it effectively protects the privileged groups, the Corporatocracy and those who want to ascend upwards into the Empire.

Reclaiming  justice means doing away with the institutionalized privileges of the State and consciously recognizing hierarchy’s within society. Otherwise everything breaks down into antagonistic groups. Equal opportunity and unhindered access to markets within society can happen through both abolishing the State as well as raising the social conscious to recognize and have mutual respect for your neighbors rights even if on religious or philosophical grounds you think they are immoral or less then worthy.

The mechanism behind Statism is the Law. The Supreme Courts of every country interpret law in favor of their Constitutions which act as protectionism for their privileged group. It is through Law that economic rents, privileges and aggression against some groups, become institutionalized within society. Statism seeks punitive damages in perpetuation of the State as opposed to common law restitution for individuals who have been violated. This is why racism is systemic within the American Justice system because human value is based on the politics and privilege of the Empire.

Mutual respect among individuals (regardless of race, class, sexual orientation, religion ect) and the willingness to stand up for your neighbor rights, insures moral equality and is what makes up a peaceful and voluntary community.